Friday, May 1, 2009

"En una Manera Silenciosa"


Heidi said...

Hi Jesse! It's been 9 years since Rich and I left Fort Worth, but we are now moving back. So I was looking into what's been going on in the FW art/music scene and was so glad to see that you are still painting and creating so many beautiful pieces. Can't wait to see your work again in person.
All the best,
Heidi Angel (any idea where the 2 paintings I sat for have ended up? The one sitting on the sun and the one with you painting). You had so many cool ones at the Wreck back in the day.

Derek Anderson said...

great night tonight in northside - finally got to introduce my boys to jesse's work.

malerie.crowder said...

Jesse I have a question about on of your paintings I saw around town. If you can could you please e-mail me at Thank you.