Friday, May 16, 2008


While visiting my Mother a few years back one of the neighborhood kids came by and asked if I wanted to play catch. I said sure. We go out ot the street and threw the football around for a while. After an errant throw (by me) a guy who had been walking by picks up the ball and tells the kid to go deep. The kid takes off full speed this guy throws the ball. A Forty in one hand cigarette dangling from his mouth. His pass is perfect a beautiful spiral all the way down the block hits the kid right on the money at full stride. I said Wow great throw. He turns and say's I CAN STILL SCHANK'IT!! I'd never heard that word before but I never forgot it.
Then one day I'm working in the studio, the paint was flowing really good. One of those days when its all coming together. I said out loud "I CAN STILL SCHLANK'IT!!" Greg Bahr my studiomate asked what it meant, I tell him the story. Then while trying to come up with A title for my solo show at Gallery 414 I thought "Schlankin'it" I guess it means being able to do something well or still being able to do it. Its not meant to be Hubris I just think it sounds cool.

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