Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Painting on the web!

This painting is called Chillin at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art).


The Stash Dauber said...

nice one!

John Holbrook said...

That painting is amazing-the evolution of your work over the years is like watching a flower bloom-world class stuff Jesse.

Blayblogger said...

Finally, man! Looks good.

The Stash Dauber said...

kat's going to dig out all of the pics she has of your work, including the mural from tequila's that's been on our desktop since forever. will send 'em your way when she does.

by any chance, did you have a slide of "cortez the killer?"

Ingrid922 said...

Love the paintings Jesse!
Hope you're well!?

Sarah Beacom